What we test

Mark Water Pumps Ltd can carry out performance and endurance automotive testing of the following components…

  • Water Pump Testing
  • Expansion Tank Testing
  • Thermostat Testing
  • Complete Cooling Systems Testing
  • Clutch Testing
  • Clutch Bearing Testing
  • Concentric Slave Cylinder Testing
  • Brake Cylinder Testing
  • Clutch cylinder Testing
  • Brake Disc Testing
  • Oil Pump Testing
  • Timing Belt Testing
  • Auxilary Belts Testing
  • Wheel Bearing Testing
  • Idler Bearing Testing
  • Belt Tensioner TestingMark Automotive Testing now offers quality, operation and performance testing, including endurance and destruction testing services for a wide range of products to the general market. These include pumps, brakes, clutches, belts, thermostats and pressure sensors, idlers and tensioners, slave cylinders, flywheels and many other engine ancillaries. Although Mark Group will design, test and manufacture products for its customers, in addition to providing assembly, packaging and a large on-site stock and logistics service, the automotive testing service can now be used completely independently, providing a fast turnaround for critical information and peace of mind.


MWPL equipment testing includes the following:
  • Burst chamber- able to rotate parts up to 900 mm in diameter to 17,000 rpm.
  • 7 Water pump endurance rigs- Programmable for various life cycle testing.
  • 2 Water pump flow rigs- Compare flow rates and pressures Thermostat performance tester-Measures stat opening at index of 0.1 degree C.
  • Clutch bearing endurance tester (Heated)
  • 2 Clutch cover endurance machines
  • Drive plate endurance oscillating machine CSC endurance rig Bearing endurance rig Pressure testing rig An experienced team of engineers who have been involved in the manufacture and design of these products.

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