Water Drop  Why are our water pumps better than others

  • OE bearing and seal European sourced. Both components tested internally for durability. (Kinex and MTU).
  • Designed from the OE water pump sample to match many of the OE specifications, such as flow. From testing we have done on our competitors parts we have found that some of them accept flow results up to 40% below that of the OE sample.
  • All water pumps are built on the same equipment and by the same people whether they are OE or AM. There are no boundaries between these customers. The whole site has an OE mentality.
  • Not just OE performance but also looks. High investment in our VW water pump range and others to change designs to look exactly like the appearance of the OE.


What we do


MWPL has a full range of testing equipment for both Performance and Endurance testing of automotive components.


MWPL manufactures water pumps for passenger and light commercial vehicles. Its aftermarket manufactured range covers 90% of the European car park by volume.


MWPL has a wide variety of CNC Machining Centres and Lathes. These are used to machine the castings from its foundry for their assembly in to finished pumps.


MWPL’s parent company have a range of high pressure die-casting ,machines, which range from 120 to 1,100 Ton and a full range of clipping presses, shotblasting and vibratory finishing machines.