Sourcing automotive aftermarket water pumps from a UK manufacturer is increasingly becoming the preferred option, as stresses within international supply lines continue to grow.

There are a number of forces powering a trend to adopting UK made aftermarket water pumps, including greater confidence in product quality, faster access to new products, more efficient supply arrangements and more security from international difficulties and currency fluctuations. This represents a significant change on the earlier position of buying on price alone and hoping that quality and service will be acceptable.

David Lewis, plant manager for Mark Water Pumps Ltd (MWPL), manufacturer of the leading ProFlow brand, says his company is not only benefiting from the trend but also helping drive its progress: “We keep up with original equipment manufacturers’ (OEM) changes by constantly launching new products, usually at a rate of two per month. For instance, we will be the first manufacturer in Europe to introduce a new pump for Land Rovers 3-litre engine with a two-piece casting. This supersedes the earlier three-piece casting design, and is a perfect match for the original equipment (OE) pumps, both dimensionally and in terms of performance.”

MWPL ensures quality by manufacturing its aftermarket water pumps at the plant in North Wales and carrying out comprehensive testing as well. “Our aftermarket water pumps have precise dimensional equivalence to the OE products and we do a full set of functional and life tests so that we can be certain of long-term performance in all conditions. Our objective is always to produce the best products on the market, so that we are the go-to option,” says David.

To support logistics and efficient supply, MWPL maintains extensive stocks of finished products at its plant. This allows it to provide weekly deliveries so that customers do not have to tie their capital up in large stock-holdings. The company can even arrange emergency deliveries if necessary. This contrasts with some overseas suppliers, who require large orders before they will ship goods -and who cannot generally guarantee delivery dates.

By buying UK-manufactured goods, customers are also free from currency fluctuations and other uncertainties such as tariffs, customs delays and political upsets.

A key element of MWPL’s strategy is to offer market-leading customer service. “Having UK-based technical support means we can respond to any technical queries immediately and, if required, set up face-to-face meetings within 24 hours,” says David. “Our technical back-up is very much appreciated and is a major contributor to our success at winning repeat business. However, we are not resting on our laurels, but are always looking for ways to improve customer service further.”

“We have the simple objective of ensuring ProFlow is the best pump range in the aftermarket. This means ticking big boxes for quality, delivery, support, price and innovation. It is a multi-facetted approach that is greatly supported by the fact that we are a domestic manufacturer.”

Photograph Captions

Photo 1: Mark Water Pumps will be the first manufacturer in Europe to introduce a new pump for Land Rovers 3-litre engine with a two-piece casting.