Water Drop Certifications

Mark Water Pumps ltd Certified to ISO9001 & ISO14001

After a scheduled audit, the team at Colwyn Bay Mark Water Pumps Ltd has now been certified to ISO9001 & ISO14001.  This final audit was carried out by Lloyds Register (LRQA) last week and they recommended Mark Water Pumps ltd.  Although MWPL held both of these certificates previously as Quinton Hazell they had to re-certify after returning as Mark Water Pumps ltd.

Water Drop Innovation

We listen to what our customer wants

MWP3306/3622/3623/3476/3442 VW Audi water pump range
  • This family of water pumps for the VAG group have had some major improvements carried out to them after suggestions made by our customers:
  • The sintered pulley was changed to resemble the OE in every aspect. The new vents in the pulley now reflect those in the OE and also make it lighter. Its also steam treated to improve it’s corrosion resistance.
  • The impellor was a two piece and now is a one piece with no welding. This ensures consistent optimum flow of coolant from the water pump, for its lifetime. It also gives the customer confidence of its integrity compared to two piece welded versions.
  • The aluminium die cast body is now made in house off a new die. The casting is a mirror image of the OE. This ensures that a great quality precise casting can be ready for assembly with the other components just in time meet the customers order requirements. That is one of the many advantages of having a factory that can cast aluminium, mould plastic, machine and assemble, all under one roof.

We don’t stand still, Keeping in step with the OE design evolution

MWP2661 – Renault water pump
  • The design of this Renault water pump was recently changed by the OEM. The change related to adding additional strengthening ribs to the casting, so the water pump could be used on newer applications with higher belt loads.
  • Through our continued analysis of the most up to date OE samples, we can update our designs to continue to match the changes made by the OEM.
  • Most of our competitors haven’t made these changes.

MWP3391 – Peugeot and Citroen water pump
  • The MWP3391 water pump is for Peugeot and Citroen 1.9 Diesel applications. As this engine is known for it’s high mileage it needs a great automotive water pump to match the engines staying power and endurance. The 2.0 litre HDI engine is used for a large number of taxis and is a great proving ground for our water pumps.
  • To match the OE, a Metaloseal gasket is used. This is a metal gasket with a very thin rubber film coating on both sides of it. Other after market water pump manufacturers use a paper gasket.
  • A separate machining operation was then conducted on every pump to produce a perfect surface finish for the gasket to seal on.

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