China’s Golden Week national holiday begins on the 1st October, so Mark Water Pumps Ltd (MWPL) are reminding customers to source locally to avoid delays for OE quality automotive components during this period. The Colwyn Bay business will be open throughout Golden Week, offering its full range of high quality water pumps and aluminium castings on standard lead times.

David Lewis, Plant Manager at MWPL, explains: “We aim to provide a consistent service to our customers, which means we forego shut down periods to ensure we can provide quality components all year round. This means we can operate through these periods with our usual pricing structure and logistical framework, delivering value and reliability of supply to our customers.”

“Golden Week is a particularly busy time in China, with factory shutdowns and a huge number of people travelling around the country on holiday. This also has a knock-on effect in the following weeks, as not everyone returns at the same time. This increased congestion can exponentially increase lead times and cost, which any automotive manufacturer or Tier 1 supplier will tell you, puts extra pressure on production schedules. With the industry focus on operating lean supply and production activities, the problem can be further exacerbated.”

“We would like to take this opportunity to remind our customers that we will be operating as normal, to reduce the impact that factory shutdowns can have on business activity. All our products are manufactured right here in Wales, so we can offer the convenience and quick delivery they require.”

In addition to manufacturing OE water pumps and high-quality aluminium castings, MWPL also offers extensive testing component capabilities to the wider automotive market. This range of service has seen MWPL supply components to premium marques such as Volvo, Aston Martin and JLR. Integrating design, manufacturing and testing services on-site – MWPL delivers the expertise to consistently support OEM and aftermarket demands as required.