When Captain James Cook first landed on the eastern coast of Australia he named it “New Wales”. This was soon changed to “New South Wales” and the connections between Wales and Australia seemed to stop there. However, one tie-up is still being renewed regularly between Mark Water Pumps and Karcraft Australia.

Established in 1978, Karcraft Australia is an independent automotive importer and distributor based in Sydney that specialises in supplying quality replacement parts for a vast array of British manufactured vehicles in the Australian market and overseas. Karcraft has recently placed a large order for OE quality automotive water pumps with Welsh manufacturer Mark Water Pumps.

Automotive water pumps are just one of the many parts that Karcraft Australia stocks and the purchasing team needed to find a manufacturer who could supply OE quality parts for a range of vehicles at keen and consistent prices. Plus, one that had the logistics know-how to export large orders twice a year.

One of the most important factors in choosing a supplier was to find a company that manufactured parts for a wide range of specialist British vehicles. This demand was due to the fact that Karcraft Australia caters for owners of many new and old cars including Austin; Austin Healey; Ford (UK); Jaguar; Land Rover; Leyland; MG; Mini; Mini (BMW); Morris; Rover and Triumph.

The demand for exporting UK automotive parts is increasing, also, pleasingly, the demand for those parts to be of high quality is also growing. David Lewis, Plant Manager at Mark Water Pumps, comments: “In the past, some distributors would opt for the cheapest parts on the market, and although this would help with the initial cost, the poor quality of those parts would often result in a high return rate due to product failure, and along with it a poor reputation for the distributor. Companies are now starting to see the benefits of purchasing higher quality products and we have strategies in place to keep costs consistently low for our customers.”

Mr Lewis finishes: “We are pleased to have established a very successful working relationship with Karcraft Australia. From a purely personal point of view I’ve heard that the dry conditions in many parts of Australia help with car preservation, so it is nice to know that classic Austin Healeys and Triumphs etc. are still being driven up and down Australia fitted with one of our pumps!”

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